In the spacious, renovated and air-conditioned restaurant, you can enjoy our authentic Romagna cuisine the KNOWLEDGE & FLAVOURS of our tradition translated into simple yet tasty dishes by our cook Morena, the owner of the hotel, who has always personally managed the kitchen, which is a guarantee of quality for all our friends; you won’t find gourmet haute cuisine dishes here, but very simple recipes, i.e. “Food to eat and not just to look at”. A menu with 3 choices of meat and fish with an assorted buffet of vegetables, themed dinners, homemade cakes, and exclusively quality products; drinks are included with meals.

We cannot leave out the new BABY BOTTLE ROOM: an area of the restaurant that is equipped with a Microwave, a Dish warmer, a Fridge etc. which is reserved for mothers who want to be free and independent to make personalised food for their young children; you will find ingredients that are fresh and ready to use such as pureed vegetables and vegetable broth with small pasta shapes, the basis with which to make your dishes, and naturally you can access the area early.